Then, Now, Always

by inPassing

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released December 21, 2010

Produced and Mixed by James Paul Wisner
Assistant: Angelo Valentine



all rights reserved


InPassing Orlando, Florida

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Track Name: inPassing - Lost Your Faith
this isn't easy to say
but I'm dusting off my knees as I begin to slip away
a shroud of doubt covers my face

guess I just don't feel the same
never really stood much ground as I was lured into the flames
stifled now by what remains

burning down from all the pressure
my swollen heart in falling embers

and it hurts cause you lost your faith today
your giving up on the prayers you used to pray
beyond the shadow of our doubts we face
a silhouette of purpose that gives us courage

and its hard when your loosing face today
your taking back all the promises you made
and your hoping you can feel a change
buried down in ruins there's something that remains

it's getting hard to explain
I fear I've drift too far to navigate through all this pain
these rising tides could seal my fate

guess I just needed a change
wondered how I strayed this far when all my dreams were locked in chains
I was free but now enslaved

seems it never comes together when you're ever in need
let truth set you free
and your hoping for the better but you gotta believe
something still remains to be seen
Track Name: inPassing - The Good Life
I know you don't think that much of me
all I do is little things that only make you disbelieve
weave me from your spindles
so this is how it goes
well it goes and goes and goes so much I lose control

baby don't worry bout the good life
tailored dreams ragged seams they don't suit you right
baby come on cause the life that you been dreaming ain't good enough so give it up

tell em not to worry bout the good life
gotta love the one that ya got
baby come on lead the life that you been meaning and live it up go live it up

I know these little things seem sad but true
running with such little time you miss the fortune in front of you

this promise land is a prison held captive as you set forth
an exile on the brink of collision counting down the days you once lived
before you even wash to shore
Track Name: inPassing - Crossroads
lately I can't see everything like I saw them before
I've given my love now I'm given it up as I march from the war
we've taken for granted the days that we're handed and seemed to ignore
with the fear in our sides from the silence at night I don't sleep anymore

cause I'm slowly turning driven to the edge I'm certain
I can see the crossroads merging
I keep moving on

and I can't drive this lonely shoulder
waiting till my heart beats sober
while the signals pull me closer into the unknown

lately I don't feel anything like I felt it should be
I lived for the dream and I gave everything but I died in my sleep
and words can't describe all the holes left inside that tear into me
all the years in the cold as I wandered alone wouldn't make me see

as I stand at the edge of this journey
as I call give me strength show me mercy
on the path that always keeps on turning
into the crossroads where I'll be returning
Track Name: Wait
hey I'm not perfect but I'll say that I am better than whatever any other lover babe
and you've gotta stop and stay cause I can say I've never had a better understanding lover babe
so wait look at the memories we'll figure something out if you stay

so wait just wait things will change I miss how this used to be
there's a better person inside me
help me find a better person inside of me
the thought of losing you is something I don't need

how did we turn this upside down from dreams that we both had a million wishes turn from rags to riches how
so wait look at the memories good, bad, and everything that's in between
if it's not you it's me we'll figure something out if you stay

too many times that I've lied now I made my bed
my sheets are filthy and now I have to lay in them
but will you clean me of every single word I've said
Track Name: Coming Back
this world isn't safe and I've been put in my place
and it's all I can take cause it gets harder everyday

it's been way too long since I have gone home

and I don't know why I've been running
cause all those years they count for something
better believe I'm coming back

and I don't hardly stand for nothing
can't hardly stand because exhaustion
better believe I'm coming back

I tried to play it safe but the world got in my way
dreamed of who I want to be and realized it wasn't me
Track Name: Holding Out For Love
to my love this is my goodbye
it's the breakdown just like every time
and I know I won't sleep for days and days

the memories etched into my mind with my hands up shaking every time
and I know I won't leave this place for days
nothing is the way I ever thought it was

I'm holding out for love cause what we have it just isn't good enough
I played the fool who tried to keep it up we fell apart
now I'm holding out for love

our second chance is up cause we can't make it by on just enough
I played the fool who tried to keep it up we fell apart
now I 'm holding out for love

the one thing that is hard to face is the memory of the mess we made
and I know I won't sleep for days and days

the rescue and it's just in time but I'll keep you somewhere in my mind
and I know I won't leave this place for days

It's a game that we play break the rules anyway
and I know we all pay for mistakes that we make
It's a game that we play break the rules anyway for love